Extrema Outdoor light
to the world with SolarBuddy

Since 2016, SolarBuddy has illuminated the lives of more than
a million people across the world.



Our Story

Solarbuddy exists to illuminate the lives of children
worldwide. All children deserve the right to study, learn and
develop. To date, we have lifted over a million children out of
the darknesskness by gifting our innovative and sustainable
SolarBuddy devices.

Simon Doble – Founder & Global CEO

Solarbuddy is an international impact organisation uniting a global
community to illuminate the futures of all children living in energy
poverty. Every year around 3.8 million people die prematurely from
the effects of energy poverty

We strive to provide equal opportunities for all children and
believe that all children should have access to clean, reliable and
safe energy to allow them to thrive. Together we can lift millions
of children out of energy poverty.

The aim is to educate and inspire millions of people to help
end extreme poverty by 2030.

We won’t stop until the last child is lifted out the darkness.

Buddy up with us to make it happen!